The “Cumberland Plateau” or “Plateau” as many locals call it, is a very unique and special place set in absolute outdoor splendor where you leave behind the burdens and haste of today’s lifestyles. Here, worries are forgotten amidst our quiet, unhurried way of life.


Consider these Top 10 reasons for living here!

  1. Just voted #1 best state to retire by Bankrate, Inc.
  2. Cost of living index 89 (Average 105), We rank least expensive state in the nation
  3. Plateau Rated #1 place in the east according to Joel M. Skousen’s book – Strategic Locations North American Guide to Safe Places
  4. Ranked among the best in the country for access to medical care
  5. Inexpensive land
  6. surrounded by National Parks and 4 of the finest lakes in North America
  7. 4 mild Seasons
  8. Within a days drive to many major cities
  9. Choice of “on or off the grid” living
  10. It is one of the Prettiest Places on Earth. “Life is Simply Better up here

Some other great reasons to be here!

  • Personal liberty – 5 out of 5 – Excellent (Joel Skousen Research)
  • Gun Liberty – Good – “Shall Issue State
  • No state income tax
  • Cooler Mountain Climate
  • Good forestation throughout – Bluff vies are magnificent
  • Elevated living is much safer
  • Lakes – Dale Hollow, Lake Cumberland, Center Hill and Watts Bar to name a few…

The Cumberland Plateau is a special place. Much of it is still wild, little touched by humanity. And in the vastness of the Cumberland area you leave behind the burden and haste of our modern world. Here on the Cumberland Plateau worries are forgotten amidst quiet, unhurried time for contemplation, where one finds re­minders, tangible and otherwise, of the strong links joining yesteryear with today.

You could very well be among the 70 million Baby Boomers that are reaching retirement. Do you know how you are going to spend those years to enjoy the excellent quality of life you so richly deserve? May we suggest the beautiful Cumberland Plateau where the outdoor splendor is unsurpassed.

So rich are the recreational opportunities that it’s part of the name: The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. This area is coveted by outdoor enthusiasts and is literally outside your back door, your front door, or maybe both.